Mike Hagenow

I joined the REACH lab as a PhD student in January 2018. I did my undergraduate education at Tufts in Mechanical Engineering and then worked for 3 years as a Manager on the MyChart team at Epic Systems.

My primary interests are in control and robotics. Previously, I have been a TA for ME370, ME346, ME446, and ME739. I have also been the primary instructor for ME346 – Intro to Feedback Controls. I am part of the Human Robot Interaction Group (co PIs Michael Zinn, Michael Gleicher, and Bilge Mutlu). My research focuses on scleronomic constraint inference and shared control.

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Recent work

  • ICRA/RAL 2021 – Corrective Shared Autonomy for Addressing Task Variability Abstract—Many tasks, particularly those involving interaction with the environment, are characterized by high variability, making robotic autonomy difficult. One flexible solution is to introduce the input of a human with superior experience and cognitive abilities as part of a shared autonomy policy. However, current methods for shared autonomy are not designed to address the wide ...
  • NASA University Leadership Initiative Lunch and Learn Industrial systems engineering  professor Robert Radwin and REACH lab Ph.D. student Mike Hagenow recently traveled to Washington DC to take part in the NASA University Leadership Initiative (ULI) project lunch and learn. They were joined by the other round awardees from University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and Carnegie Mellon University as well as staff from the NASA Aeronautics ...