IEEE Haptics Symposium 2008: Large Workspace Haptic Devices – A New Actuation Approach

Large workspace haptic devices have unique requirements, requiring increased power capabilities along with increased safety considerations. While there are numerous haptic devices available, large workspace systems are hampered by the limitations of current actuation technology. To address this, the Distributed Macro-Mini (DM2 ) actuation method has been applied to the design of a large workspace haptic device. In this paper, the DM2 method is described and we present experimental results which demonstrate its effectiveness. Finally, the control design is presented along with a discussion of the unique challenges associated with its robustness.

M. Zinn, O. Khatib, B. Roth, and J. K. Salisbury, “Large Workspace Haptic Devices – A New Actuation Approach,” in Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems, 2008, pp. 185-192.  (awarded Best Conference Paper)

Haptics Symposium Presentation (Zinn)