Hapctics Symposium Workshop 2012 Recap

Mike gave a presentation on Admittance-based Haptic Interface Performance Evaluation and Associated Challenges in a Worshop on Hardware Evaluation Practices held at the IEEE Haptics Symposium in March 2012 at Vancouver, Canada. 

The presentation gives an overview of the differences between the impedance based and the admittance based haptic devices and the challenges associated in the evaluating each of these type of devices. The commonly used performance metrics for the evaluation of haptic devices and the challenges encountered  in applying them across device types was also presented.

Simplified Device Model

Simplified device model

Device Output Impedance

Device Output Impedance

Admittance-based systems require feedback to overcome the non-backdrivable nature due to the high reflected inertia of the device. Figure shows a virtual admittance based control architecture with an inner position loop.

Explicit force control – Admittance type