Courses (Prof. Zinn – present and past)

ME 240 – Dynamics
 Rectilinear and curvilinear motion of a particle; force, mass, acceleration; work, potential, and kinetic energy; impulse and momentum; kinematics of rigid bodies; moving coordinate systems with relative motion; general planar rigid body kinematics and kinetics. Applications to linkages, cams and geared systems.
ME 340 – Dynamic Systems
Mathematical modeling and analysis of dynamic systems with mechanical, thermal, and fluid elements. Topics: time domain solutions, analog computer simulation, linearization techniques, block diagram representation, numerical methods and frequency domain solutions.
ME 346 – Introduction to Feedback Controls for Mechanical Engineers
Course currently under development.  To be offered in the fall semester 2018
ME 439 – Introduction to Robotics 
Hands-on introduction to key concepts and tools underpinning robotic systems in use and development today. Intended to give students the tools to understand robotic systems, to explore robotics for their own purposes, and to pursue advanced study in the field.
ME 446 – Feedback Controls
An overview of linear feedback control analysis and design techniques for mechanical systems. Topics include: the modeling of linear dynamic mechanical systems, derivation of their defining differential equations, and analysis of their response using both transient and frequency response techniques; Analysis and design of feedback control of mechanical systems using classical control transform techniques such as root locus and frequency response; Analysis of system robustness through evaluation of phase and gain margins and the Nyquist stability criterion.
ME 739 – Advanced Robotics
In-depth study of advanced robotics modeling and control. Topics include kinematics, motion planning, dynamics and control of serial chain robotic manipulators. Concepts are explored through a combination of theoretical and numerical modeling techniques.

Professor Zinn official course offering (current semester)