Robotics Engineering, Applied Control and Haptics Lab

The Robotics Engineering, Applied Control and Haptics Lab, located at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, is focused on the investigation of a wide range of human-centered robotics topics including medical robotics, manufacturing, and haptics. Our projects are collaborative in nature and involve researchers from a broad set of disciplines, including the departments of computer science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and various departments in the UW-Madison medical school. In addition, many of our projects include collaboration with local and national companies.


The REACH lab is involved in a host of applied and fundamental research projects. Much of the lab’s work is interdisciplinary and collaborative. Areas of interest include medical robotics, haptics, human-robot interaction, manufacturing, and electromechanical systems. Learn more


The REACH lab's capabilities are derived from the expertise, enthusiasm, and teamwork of its graduate and undergraduate students. The REACH lab students have a broad range of skills, spanning the disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science. Learn more


The REACH Lab contains approximately 850 square feet of laboratory space equipped for conducting robotics research. The laboratory is equipped with an array of electronic instrumentation, power and control electronics, and fabrication equipment, including specialized hardware for electromechanical system development, medical robotics, manufacturing, and haptics research. Learn more


The REACH group is actively involved in local outreach. We participate in campus sponsored events such as the UW-Madison Engineering EXPO and the UW-Madison summer PEOPLE program. In addition, we regularly visit local elementary, middle, and high schools (bringing live, interactive demonstrations) and host lab tours with visiting groups. Learn more

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